Cut College Costs: Earn College Credit in High School


All the information you need in one place to earn college credits at a fraction of the cost.  Need someone to hold your hand through this process?  This book does that.  In an easy to follow format, you’ll see how you can save thousands of dollars on college.

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When my husband and I learned about this method of saving money on college, he looked at me and said, “This is the best day ever!”

We have already saved thousands of dollars, and are on track to save thousands more.

My eldest is graduating with close to 80 college credits, and my youngest is on target to graduate with over 100 credits…leaving just one semester left after graduation to get his Bachelor’s degree.

This ebook is based on my popular Homeschooling High School series here at The Sparrow’s Home, packaged together in convenient ebook format.  In addition, I’ve added two bonus features:  a handy checklist to track each step of the process, and a chapter on how and when to start planning.

Want to learn how to earn college credit in high school?

  • This book lays out everything we’ve done step by step, and shares with you every resource we’ve used.  Every.  Single.  Thing.
  • While the book is written with homeschoolers in mind, this method is just as doable for public, private, or charter school students.
  • Get the inside scoop about CLEP and DSST tests, dual enrollment, the benefit of study groups, and lots more.
  • Why does this even matter?  What about curriculum?  Are there online resources?  How do we register for tests?  It’s all in here, even direct links to resources.
  • If you are looking for someone who has walked this path to show you the way, this is it.  I know it can be an intimidating process, but it doesn’t have to be.
  • PLUS I’m including an easy to follow checklist for you to reference so you know that you aren’t missing a thing.  Take it one step at a time.

Get started now and help your kids create a future that doesn’t begin with burdensome debt.

*This is a digital, not a physical, product*

33 pages digital download




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